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 What does Epic mean to you?

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PostSubject: What does Epic mean to you?   Mon Feb 23, 2009 1:02 pm


I came up with this idea a half 11 last night, so i hope you like it
So, simply, the name says it all, How has Epic helped you?

~~My View~~

Epic has been there for me when no-one else has.
When I had had a bad day at school, i would think to myself "It's only another ... hours till I get home and I can talk to all of Epic Very Happy)
Even though there has been some tough times (eg. when mid + priv left) but, i've never regretted joining Epic. It's probably one of the best things in my life at the moment. Epic is like a shoulder for me to cry on, A place where I can go where people take me for who i am.
Thanks Epic!
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PostSubject: Re: What does Epic mean to you?   Mon Feb 23, 2009 5:49 pm

For me, Epic is the consolidation of a lot of things.

It provides a massive companionship I always lacked while I played. I had friends galore but only 4 who really cared if I succeeded at a task or not.

In this group of five, Madmanmark77, Roadrage77, Dnn and Discovampire and I, we laughed together, cried together and shared hopes and dreams. When real life claimed 2 of us, it left a real hole in our playing time. Then the third was forced to leave and Disco and I were alone until we were joined by her friend Vim.

Our different playing times cut into our fellowship but not enough to spoil our friendship.

Then I met Troi.... most of you have heard the story of that meeting so I won't repeat it but it was a changing point in both my real life and my game life.

I joined Epic at his invitation [which is why I know the invite system will work] and b4 I knew it I had thrown my heart into the life and welfare of the clan.

Where before I played this game as an escape from real life, now I was playing to meet and help my friends.

My cup ran over with joy when Disco joined me in Epic and Vim's popping in was the icing on the cake.

What does Epic mean to me?

It means Friendship, Acceptance, and a chance to use my abilities in a way that benefits all my new friends without sacrificing my time with my old friends.

What are my dreams for Epic?

A developement of true fellowship among the members [even if we lose a few members in the process] to promote the maturing of each and every person, both as an individual and as a player; A slow but steady growth as a caring respectful family unit; and each of us developing the ability to laugh at ourselves.

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~~~ »-(¯`v´¯)-> (ØRŧHÅÐØ\/\/) »-(¯`v´¯)-> ~~~

~~~Growing old is manditory - Growing up is optional~~~
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PostSubject: Re: What does Epic mean to you?   Wed Mar 25, 2009 8:34 pm

For me epic is old friends and friends that I just haven't met yet. Sure you might get some friends by just playing with friends from school or something but you will never find near as many friends as I have found through epic. The thing is that the people that join epic arent looking for someone else to go to kbd or pest control with there looking for (in my opinion) more friends to talk to and share there experiences with and to ocasionaly go and goof off with. I hope that epic will continue to grow(along with my friends list:)) I love epic so much I joined it twice Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: What does Epic mean to you?   Sat May 09, 2009 8:23 am

For my part of the story I was a loner for my first 6 or 9 months of play. I met a few people along the way, most who filtered themselves back out of my gaming life in one way or another, you go through alot of ore before you find some precious metal. Then one day I was mining in the guild and met a guy by the name of Voratio Alta. Our friendship got me thinking about having a group of people who were like-minded, and we talked about forming a clan, I have had clan experiences in other games, but never in this one. Well real life took vor's time for a while, and while I waited from him to get back, I was looking though the recruitment forums and saw Epic listed.

The theories listed in the mission statement were in line with what I believe is right. Everything looked good on the surface, I met a few people who really embodied at that time what Epic was really supposed to be, these few include but are not exclusive to Leon Marzon , I M Ard71 and 99DeathMage. Leon began talking to me, cuz as any who know him Leon loves to talk, and is quite good at it(love ya leon). He and I hit it off and the rest is in the books as they say.

Epic is online family to me, I care about everyone in the clan, and I hope that comes through clearly. Even those friends of epic like Vim have come to be dear to me. I love you

I just don't seem to have the words to express well the depth of the effect that our clan members have had on me as a person, and for that I thank each and every one of you.
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PostSubject: Re: What does Epic mean to you?   Thu Jun 18, 2009 2:52 am

Well I agree with everything you lot said, very touching! I personally have been in many clans, and succesfully made my on clan. But there was "something" missing, I dont know what it was, so I carried on my search for a clan that I could fit in and find that "something". My main problem is that Im not on very often. Well, I had been searching for few a months after I ended the clan I made. Well I saw Epic on the forums and saw that they had a great thread, and sounded good. Its a very close knit community of friends, joking about with each other, helping each other, doing things together. fighting together, skilling together...And I think these are what make Epic...Epic! Well Ive been here ever since, and even though I come on at weird times, and not always active, they have accepted me and made me feel part of the Clan! And I would just like to Thankyou all! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: What does Epic mean to you?   

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What does Epic mean to you?
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